History of the MASWM Conference

The students of the Wilderness Medicine and Disaster Society of the Sidney Kimmel Medical College worked closely with Dr. Liz Edelstein to organize and plan the first Mid-Atlantic Student Wilderness Medicine (MASWM) Conference. Held in the spring of 2010, the first MASWM conference was a success and drew over 200 participants from schools as far south as Georgia and as far north as Canada. The success of the initial conference inspired a second group of students to coordinate another one, which was hosted in the spring of 2012 with equal success. Since then, this conference has been hosted biennially, and represents the enduring support the Wilderness Medicine and Disaster Society has received from Thomas Jefferson University and its faculty and staff.

Today Dr. Lara Phillips leads the Wilderness Medicine and Disaster Society, and together we are working hard to grow the society and to make the MASWM conference an enduring legacy. It is our goal to promote wilderness and disaster medicine education while bringing together like-minded students in a collaborative and enriching environment.